A healthy mind in a healthy body

A healthy mind in a healthy body

If your mind is healthy, then your body is healthy too. If your thinking is positive; you are happy, optimistic person, then more likely you have a healthy body too. Initially, it all makes sense. Because your healthy optimistic mind comes from healthy food, fresh air, enough of movement and healthy relationships. On the other hand, it is very hard to find people, who eats junk food, do not excersice, are fat of their choice, in toxic relationships, and are happy. It is really unlikely, that something like this happens often. So, it is all connected with imaginary dots. But it is pretty easy to imagine, if you give it some thinking.

Also, it is well known, that wellness and massages dedicate to one´s wellbeing hugely. Why else would wellness vouchers be the most popular gift of all? The answer is simple – it is beneficial for our mental health


In above, there is already kind of little message for you. But for those, who did not get it clearly, you must start looking after yourself. You cannot keep going the stressful pathway you are going right now. Sooner or later this pathway will get back upon you. You will have health issues, you will feel tired with no energy and it might develop in depression. And you clearly do not want to end up on pills or therapy. With the connection to body, there is a huge risk of somatization. Somatization is, when troubles from your mind somatise into your body. It occurs as a headache, arm pain, back pain (you know when they say, you have to take the burden off your shoulders, right?) or even a stomachache.


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